Growing Up Can Be Tough To Swallow


This article, entitled "Growing Up Can Be Tough To Swallow," comes from Taryn Vanderford, MomsEveryday blogger from Lincoln, NE.

Twelve. It’s an interesting age. You’re in between…in between childhood and those teen-merging-into-adult years. Growing up is often tough to swallow.


Let's take medications. Children’s Tylenol and Children’s Motrin both list children between the ages of 2 and 11. Jacob’s now 12. Time for adult medication.

The product details of Tylenol say, “Available as caplets. For adults and children 12 years and older.”

Here we go. Would Jacob be like his mother…too stressed to make that step into the adult world?

I remember having to swallow a pill for an antibiotic. My mom brought the medicine home. It wasn’t the cold liquid penicillin that lived in our refrigerator. There was something comforting about that cool liquid that easily passed from my mouth and down my throat to coat my stomach to send healing messages to my body.

No, it was a sterile hard pill. A pill that looked larger than the stainless spoon that once housed my liquid medicine.

I tried and tried to swallow that pill. I swooshed it back and forth in my mouth and prayed it would go down. Finally, I gagged. My poor mother stared silently. How do you get your kid to swallow?

My son faced the same stressful consequences. The first pill he tried to swallow was for allergies. It’s smaller than a pain reliever.

A round white circle.

How can something so small and that works for good cause such mental anguish?

Then it happened. Jacob placed the pill in his mouth, and took a drink of water. And he swooshed. His eyeballs moved back and forth as he struggled to swallow. And…the pill came out.

Finally, we reached for the applesauce. Maybe, hopefully, this can disguise the pill and he can reach success.

And, yes, after a couple of attempts, Jacob did it…His first taste of the adult world. The bigger pills await...

Does he like it? Probably not yet.

It’s a mind game. One I finally conquered…but, I still swoosh.

Happy Parenting!

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