It’s a Mermaid Party! April 27

Life is the bubbles when you go “under the sea” for a party! Recently, we made a splash with a 6-year-old birthday bash! My daughter Olivia turned six on April 16th. Every year my kids pick a theme for their birthday parties. This year, Olivia chose a Mermaid Party!

Of course the obvious route would have been to use all Disney Ariel decorations. But, I like to mix it up a bit and get creative with the sea theme. For the invitation, I searched online for mermaids that looked like my daughter. And I found a cute invitation from Tiny Prints that featured a blond mermaid floating on a pink background. I also like invitations that are pre-printed; they’re a time saver!

In addition to a theme, I chose three main party colors. I went with brown (for the sand), aqua blue (for the water) and lime green (for the seaweed).

Turning to the cake…I decided to have it match the party invitations. I e-mailed Linda at Butterfly Bakery here in Lincoln, and she did a fantastic job mimicking the little blond mermaid. She used the colors of the party and added “sandy” sugar crystals at the base of the cake. I topped off the sparkly cake with tall candles in bold bright stripes. Larger candles make the flames last a bit longer for the little ones. This gives snap happy moms like me more time to take those pictures, too.

As for the “under the sea” decorations, I used netting to cover the kitchen island, for the table runner and for the backdrop over our kitchen window. My kids cut and decorated colorful fish in various sizes that we then tied with raffia onto the netting. “Sea Wees” mermaid dolls that I had as a child sat atop “seaweed” in a huge silver bowl that looked like coral. Olivia created mermaid scenes with a reusable sticker set from Peaceable Kingdom Press. A Groovy Girls mermaid doll sat on the table runner net, flanked by seashells and the mermaid scenes. Lime plastic buckets trimmed in aqua served as chip containers, holding Cheetos, Doritos and Goldfish crackers.

The birthday parties I throw for my kids include both family and friends. So, we had around 25 people in attendance…nine of which were kids. So to keep the little kids on course, we had two games and one craft. The kids did sand art, filling small plastic bottles with layers of brown, blue and green sand and tiny seashells. They hopped along in a sack race to imitate having mermaids tails, and we had a treasure hunt looking for water items like goggles, a flipper and a beach towel. The last item was a treasure chest (one of Olivia’s jewelry boxes) filled with gold chocolate coins.

We didn’t forget to use Disney’s Little Mermaid. An aqua blue Ariel appeared hand-stamped on canvas party favor bags. These are a creation by an artist. I filled each bag with a small water gun, Go Fish playing cards and a gummy fish kabob. Two stuffed fish guarded the treat bags until then end of the party when the kids “reeled in” their catch.

Well, we TV “anchors” set sail on another birthday adventure. The guests took the bait, and hopefully enjoyed another “fin”tastic party! Olivia already has plans for when she turns seven…a pig party! Stay tuned…

That’s part of our world for another blog. I hope you liked the ideas! Remember to “Kiss the Kids!”


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