"Let it Go" at the Vanderford House

Well, for the “first time in forever”… an animated movie has TOTALLY captured my kids. Sure, there have been other memorable animated films since my first child was born in 2002. But, let’s face it, Disney’s “Frozen” is the first movie to inspire my kids to write a whole script on the movie!

My 11-year-old son listened to the movie on the iPad and wrote dialogue for him, his sister, his cousin and uncle to enact. Jon and I are to play the king and queen. (And, I guess as the queen I only have one line?)

The girls have gone back and forth on who will be Elsa and who will be Anna. Olivia, my 8-year-old daughter) finally said that she has to be Elsa because she has blond hair and Maya's (my 5-year-old niece) hair is more Anna's color. :)

The movie is simply brilliant. It’s visually stunning and is filled with infectious songs full of happiness. Some of my kids’ favorites are:

“Let it Go” (Of course... Idina Menzel’s voice if so powerful!)
“Do You Want to Build a Snowman” (Cute song for my daughter and her cousin to sing.)
“In Summer” (My son loves acting like Olaf the snowman.)
“For the First Time in Forever” (Elsa and Anna’s pretty duet.)
“Love is an Open Door” (Music reminds me of “Enchanted”, another Disney favorite.)

Last night, I had to experiment with Elsa and Anna hairstyles for the girls. (I’ve included pictures). The kids have started recording scenes on the iPad, and I hope to share some with you soon.

Let me know if your kids are under the “Frozen” spell, too.

Until next time…Happy Parenting!


P.S. My little niece has to wear a green ribbon in her hair...and it has to be LONG.

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