She Gets It!

Practicing pays off. On Facebook my friend, Barb Schmit talks about how her kid finally "gets it." As parents you introduce your kids to activities and hope something clicks. Here's Barb's post:

A big conversation this morning: Kid announces that after five years of playing viola, this year she *really* enjoys it. And after seven years of piano, she likes the feeling of accomplishment when she actually practices well.

For years, music for her has just been one of the many things she does. It makes me happy for her to discover, on her own, that it can be really fun and satisfying. Nobody else's words or prodding could've made that happen for her...she had to discover it on her own.

As much as I'd like to steer my kiddos in one direction or another, letting them try things and make their own decisions is what they need. And as long as they are "healthy" choices, I am learning to be ok with them. Parenting is a process, isn't it?

Thanks for sharing, Barb!

What activities do you hope your kids will enjoy? And what interests have surprised you?

Until next time… Happy Parenting!


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