Smile...It's Picture Day! Oct. 5

Today was school picture day. That means it's a busy morning for moms...washing syrup off of little mouths, brushing hair and dressing little bodies in picture perfect clothes. Is it just me or can picture day be a bit stressful?

My husband thinks I over-think picture day. I am a planner and a bit of a perfectionist. Once I know the date, I start thinking about what clothes my kids will wear. And once the day arrives, all the planning gets thrown out the window. Why? Because kids don't plan.

It became a chaotic morning of dressing my kids for pictures. My eight-year-old son was OK with the clothes I picked out. We just disagreed on how he should wear the collar. It's a zip collar that I wanted to stand up. He, on the other hand, wanted his collar down. We'll see how it looks on the picture.

I also tried to spray his hair. That became an issue when he said I got spray in his eyes (even though I told him to keep his eyes closed).

After that...Jacob was dressed.

Dressing my five-year-old daughter was another story. She has her own mind and her own idea about what she wants to wear. She's strong willed...probably a little like her mother.

I bought her a little rust dress splattered with white flowers and finished off with mushroom-colored leggings. Cute, huh? Well, not to Olivia. She didn't like the elastic on the sleeves. She had also told her friends at school that she'd be wearing a beautiful purple dress. Problem is it's a sleeveless summer dress...not what I had planned for a fall picture day.

After some complaining and arguing...and yes bribing, I convinced Olivia to wear the rust dress. What's a mom to do? The clock was ticking, we had to leave for school in 10 minutes and I resorted to the bribe.

"Honey, if you wear this dress, I'll get you some Silly Bandz."

Probably not the best parenting move. But after struggling to get the rats out of her curly blond hair and then getting the flower clip perfectly placed, I was tired of the fight.

Some things are out of a mom's control. You do your best to get them dressed and off to school looking decent. And as a working mom, I can't always be there to make sure the smile is real.

It's just school pictures. And there are retakes. :)

Happy Parenting!


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