The Lost Tooth

When you’re six years old, a little piece of enamel is a big deal. And when you lose that little piece of enamel before you can give it to the Tooth Fairy, well that’s a major problem in a child’s world. This was the problem facing my daughter at the water park on Sunday.

My daughter is spunky to say the least. As an observer at swimming lessons noticed the other day, “She has sass in her frass!” Olivia loves life and lives it to its fullest. She notices every detail, too. For example, her friend Grace has lost eight teeth while her friend Addy has lost two. Little “O” didn’t know why she was trailing behind in the teeth department.

“Maybe it’s because Grace is a month older and Addy is two weeks older, “ Olivia said.

Olivia lost her first tooth while in kindergarten class in May. Here’s the e-mail I received at work from her teacher:

“Just wanted to let you in on the great news of the day!!!! Olivia lost her first tooth during math today!!!!! Everyone was very excited for her!!”

Even that excitement turned into a bit of drama that night. She had some problem holding on to that first tooth! Olivia was prancing around with it at home, and dropped it in the carpet before bedtime. Luckily, it was recovered and safely placed in her tooth container under her pillow.

And now to that second tooth that did get away. Here’s what happened. Jon and I took the kids to the Mahoney State Park water park this weekend. Many states have been enduring unbelievably hot and humid temperatures and Nebraska is one of them. We joined the packed pool to get a little relief and have some fun.

From the slides to the wave pool to the diving boards, we splashed off the heat and burned our feet in the process. That cement was really hot!! It was at the end of the day, when we faced the "dental decay."

Olivia and I decided to hit the slides one more time. As we walked up the hill toward the slide steps, I flung my arm back to reach for Olivia. She was much closer that I thought, and I accidentally hit her in the mouth. Out popped the wiggly little tooth. Where, we don’t really know. The missing tooth caused a bloody situation in her mouth. We went to the first aid station where Olivia rinsed out her mouth and bit down on some gauze to stop the bleeding.

After a few minutes, everything was fine…in her mouth that is. Olivia was extremely worried about that missing tooth. We searched the spot where it happened, but no tooth. I told that it was so small she could have swallowed it…that just made her cry more.

“Honey, if the tooth is in your belly, it will come out, don’t worry, “I said.

“Yeah, but the Tooth Fairy isn’t going to come now,” Olivia cried. “She won’t know that I lost my tooth.”

“Yes, she will. I think a bell chimes in Tooth Fairy land when a child looses a tooth. It’s when the tooth comes out that the fairy is alerted. We could even leave her a note to tell her what happened.”

After some positive words from Daddy and the lifeguards, Olivia began to believe in the magic of the missing tooth. The Tooth Fairy would still come to our house at night, and some money would be left behind in the little tooth box.

“Mommy, what does the Tooth Fairy do with all those teeth?”

“She probably makes a necklace,” big brother Jacob and I said together.

Olivia was satisfied. And this morning she was a little richer. The Tooth Fairy had delivered…one dollar for a missing tooth.

Happy Parenting!


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Taryn Vanderford
Taryn Vanderford is an Emmy-winning journalist who currently works on "First at Four", "Pure Nebraska" and "Moms Everyday" for 10/11 and Gray Television.

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