Tickled Pink, Feb. 1

My little girl is tickled pink. We decided that a new year called for a new room. And when I say a "new room", I don't mean new furniture, bedding or even a totally different room. For a "new room", you just need a fresh perspective.

Olivia's bedroom is all pink, accented by brown. I chose the color combo because pink is Olivia's favorite color, and, yes, pink it just overall "girlie." Brown pairs well with pink, but this decision came from necessity, too. A few years ago when Olivia moved on from her crib, we needed a big girl bed. But, as you know, bedroom sets can be expensive. Luckily, we had a solution.

Jon's grandparents' old brown bedroom set wasn't being used. My sister-in-law suggested that we use it as Olivia's bedroom set. Perfect! It had a double bed...not too big and not too small...just right. The set also came with a tall dresser, a nightstand and a darling vanity with a mirror and stool.

Sure the bedroom set was old and sure it had marks and showed its age, but that's OK. It has character. I like antiques and the "extra love" from Olivia would just add to the distressed appearance.

So this weathered brown bed helped me find the right little girl bedding. I found a pink and white comforter with brown penny dot sheets. For accents, I stayed true to the "antique" theme with tarnished silver accessories. And we have plenty of pigs. The little porkers wallow in pink. Olivia's grandma was a national pork queen and of course, there's "Olivia" the famous pig character from books and the TV show.

As you can see, the room elements have been in place for a few years now. It's the arrangement that needed a boost. So, we used the new year as an excuse to create a new furniture assignment. The goal: To make the room appear bigger and more streamlined.

We started by putting the bed's headboard on the wall next to the window. The tall dresser fit nicely on the corner across from the bed and the vanity with the mirror slid in perfectly on the other end of that large wall. Because the mirror is across from the window, it reflects the light, making the room seem larger. The nightstand is nestled next to the bed and topped with a lamp.

We then moved pictures and accessories to fit the new room. One large pink and brown canvas of a curly-haired girl was placed alone on one wall, while an accordion peg rack holds little handbags and scarves. Antique silver letters with chocolate ribbon spell out Olivia's name above her bed. And a silver wire basket contains the clutter while maintaining some creative class.

Jon and I were proud of our achievement. I would love this room if I were a little girl! But, the question is, would little "O" like it?

Olivia couldn't wait to see her room and add her decorating details. Before long, her little drawings were hanging off the walls and crowns and piggy banks were grouped on the dresser. Her "Calico Critters" dollhouse seems right at home, too.

Sometimes a "new room" can come from a "new perspective." No money needed. Just by using a little elbow grease you can transform a space and give it a boost of appeal! And the crowning touch?...a little girl who's tickled pink.

Happy Parenting!


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Taryn Vanderford
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