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About Us

Founded in 1979 by Drs. Stephen J. Pollard and James L. Sublett, Family Allergy & Asthma is a group of board-certified allergy and asthma specialists with locations throughout Kentucky.

We recognize that patients come to us because of the limitations placed on them due to their allergic or asthmatic conditions. It is our goal to remove these limitations, to the greatest possible extent, and to give patients their lives back.

Our Services

Family Allergy & Asthma provides a full range of allergy, asthma, and immunology services. Our Allergist doctors will provide you with a detailed plan to best treat your allergies or asthma, whether it is through medication, environmental control, or allergy shots. We offer comprehensive treatment for patients by providing the following services:

  • Allergy Skin Testing
  • Stinging Insect Testing
  • Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots, Tablets, and Drops)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing (lungs)
  • Food Challenges
  • Methacholine Challenge
  • Exercise Challenge
  • Antibiotic Testing
  • Aspirin Testing & Desensitization
  • Local Anesthetic Testing
  • Patient Education

If allergies or asthma have been preventing your family from living to the fullest, you deserve exceptional care. Schedule an appointment today to start moving towards a healthier tomorrow.

Lexington, East
3292 Eagle View Lane, Suite 150 Lexington, KY 40509

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London, KY
London Station Shopping Center, Suite 5 1661 W US Highway 192 London, KY 40741

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Monticello, KY
South Creek Medical Center, Suite 102 1 South Creek Drive Monticello, KY 42633

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Richmond, KY
2008 Merchant Drive, Suite 11 Richmond, KY 40475

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Somerset, KY
971 South Hwy. 27 Somerset, KY 42501

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Our Mission Statement

Family Allergy & Asthma’s mission is to be the leading caregiver for patients with allergies and asthma. The goals of the practice have always been:

  • To provide the best possible medical care for our patients.
  • To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness, and courtesy.
  • To serve our community through preventive medicine and other outreach programs.
  • To have a smooth functioning practice in which the staff and the Allergist physicians work together in the spirit of harmony and cooperation.
  • To have highly qualified, motivated personnel who are interested in their work and our patients.