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Oral Surgery practice in Georgetown. We provide general anesthesia and perform surgeries including extractions, biopsies, implants, and corrective jaw surgery.

Georgetown Oral & Facial Surgery FAQ

Do I really need my wisdom teeth out if they don't hurt?
Most people will need to have their wisdom teeth removed sometime during their life. 75% of population will need to this done.

Why should I not wait until my wisdom teeth cause me pain?
Waiting too long or until you have symptoms results in irreversible damage and makes the procedure much more difficult.

When is the best time to get my wisdom teeth removed?
It is best to have them removed before the roots have developed completely. Typically, it's between ages 14-17.

What is Cone Beam Imaging?
It is a C.T. imaging or a CAT Scan which uses a much lower dose of radiation and generates 3D imaging.

Are Dental Implants painful?
Typically Dental Implants are less involved than dental extraction or other surgical procedures.