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Large International Selection Of Natural Stones
For Commercial And Residential Projects

Marble, granite, limestone, travertine, slate, and natural stones from over thirty countries, each with the individual characteristics and color that can only be found in the beauty of natural stone.

Custom Design

Our design team has successfully been awarded, undertaken, and completed some of the most prestigious luxury residential, elite office and commercial projects. We can custom design and install your project or work with your contractors.

Our diverse background and support team allows Stones & Granite of Lexington to be of assistance to you on any size project. View our products page for examples of the beauty of natural stones.

Our commitment to customer service and providing top quality products, makes Stones & Granite of Lexington your best choice for your commercial or residential projects. Contact us for custom design quotes and contractor prices for any size project.


Stones & Granite of Lexington, LLC FAQ

Is granite durable?
Yes, it is stain resistant, heat resistant and scratch resistant.

Is Quartz better than Granite?
Not necessarily. The one advantage of quartz versus granite is the sealer process. Quartz is a man made product and has a sealer built in. Granite requires to be sealed about once a year depending on use, but you can treat with a life time sealer and they would be the same. Granite prices are normally less than Quartz products.

Will I need a seam in my kitchen/countertop?
It all depends on the slab chosen and/or layout of the area and access. If the area is easily accessible and the cabinets do not interfere with a large piece of granite/and/or stone chosen, the piece should not need a seam. Keep in mind most stones are only 113" inches long, so that will also be a factor in determining the seams.

How is an undermount sink mounted?
We mount our sinks with 2 part epoxy and stone blocks. We do not drill into the stone in order to avoid any possible cracks or break. As long as you do not stand in the sink and/or leave the sink filled with water over night, you should not have any problems.

What is the turn around time from time of purchase?
Our average time is 2 weeks total, which includes the template and the installation.

Free Quote

Please send your drawings or measurements via e-mail to: or fax to: (859) 253-4162 and get a free quote.

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