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About Us

Advanced Foundation Repair & House Leveling since 1897
The Meeks family has been serving Central Texas since 1897. Owner, Jimmy Meeks, started working with his father and grandfather at age 12 and has been lifting  houses ever since.

With over 30 years of experience, personally, in remodeling slab and pier & beam style houses, Jimmy and his team have first hand experience on how to solve foundation and drainage issue most effectively for each situation.

Jimmy's Philosophy: " What would I do if it was Mama's house."

At Advanced House Leveling & Foundation Repair, we put our foundation repair estimates in writing and provide a clear foundation repair diagram showing the location of the proposed foundation repair work. In fact, all of our foundation repair dealings with you are in writing. You will never have to wonder what foundation repairs you are “getting” for your money. Whether your have a business or home, if you think your foundations have problem, call us and we will come give you an evaluation.

Our long term employees benefit from the company’s over 100 years of experience working with the unique climate, geology, and soil makeup of Waco, Texas. Jimmy Meeks will sit down with you and make sure you have a thorough understanding of just how foundation repair works to protect your investment in your home or building. You get an elevation survey and contour diagram in conjunction with your structural report, including computer precise CAD and/or CAI drawings.

Advanced House Leveling & Foundation Repair has been helping the citizens of Waco protect their building investments for over 100 years.



Concrete Piers
Concrete piers are concrete columns that are formed by pouring  liquid concrete into holes drilled into the ground and are for homes  and light commercial buildings.

Concrete Pilings
Concrete pilings are concrete columns that are  pushed into the ground under a foundation and are for homes and light commercial buildings.

Steel Pilings
Steel pilings are double walled steel columns that are driven into the ground under a foundation. They are for homes and light commercial buildings.

Soil Injection
Non-toxic, water soluble chemicals (potassium ions and ammonium salts) are injected into the ground under your building. These chemicals inhibit your soil’s ability to absorb water so that when it rains your soils do not swell up.

Root Barriers
Root barriers can be solid objects, sheets of material, zones of chemically treated soil (typically, the chemicals come in the form of pellets that are attached to a fabric) or any other barrier that keeps roots from growing into areas where they are not wanted.