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Phone: (254) 741-9222

About Us

We are a community coalition whose goal is to create a drug and alcohol-free culture in McLennan County especially for youth and young adults.  We focus on the community through our network connections.

VASA Coalition FAQ

Who makes up the VASA Coalition?
It includes representatives from various community sectors including the Waco Police Department, a number of school districts, the Texas Department of Transportation, the CENIKOR Foundation substance abuse treatment facility, along with communities of faith and parents.

Where do you get your funding?
We're funded by a grant from the Texas Department of State Health Services. (DSHS)

How do you get your message across?
We utilize billboards, TV and radio, along with newspaper ads to spread the message of talking to your kids about underage drinking and drug abuse.

What is the average age of a child having a first alcoholic beverage?
Local data shows that the average age of a child trying an alcoholic drink for the first time is 12-to-13.

What can moms do to address this issue with their children?
Don't be afraid to raise this issue about how you feel about it. Don't allow underage drinking in your home. Make sure your alcohol is locked up, and know who your kids' friends are.