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Phone: 715-845-8281

About Us

The Wausau Noon Optimist's goal is to foster an optimistic way of life through a network of people in the Wausau community.  The club raises money to give back to the youth in Wausau for scholarships, youth sports programs, educational benefits and youth activities.


Wausau Noon Optimist FAQ

How long has the Wausau Noon Optimist Club been in existence, where do you meet, etc.?
The Wausau Noon Optimist Club is in it's 51st year. We meet every Monday at noon at The Rose Garden Banquet Hall

How many members does the club have presently?
We have always been around the 125-135 area for members. It is a great way for networking, meeting new people in the area and doing something great for the community. A way of giving back.

What kind of events does your club organize to raise money?
We have a stand at the fair - that is one of the biggest events we take on through the year. We also do a boys youth basketball tournament every February and in March we have our famous St. Patrick's Day raffle event.

Where does the money go?
We give it back to the kids in the form of scholarships, youth activities, etc. For example, during our 50th year we had all the swimming pools free for a week in July. We buy dictionaries for all 3rd graders in all Wausau elementary schools. We bought the scoreboard and bleachers at the new Boys and Girls Club, just to name a few.

How can I become a member?
Come to one of our meetings. It is free for the first time. Again, we meet every Monday at noon at the Rose Garden. You can sign up there or go to our