Katie Kuenkel

Katie and her husband are proud parents of four busy kids (including twins!) and one mischievous puppy. In her free time, Katie enjoys waterskiing, basketball, boating, bowling, , photography, spending time with friends, and going to Daughtry concerts. ;)

Katie Kuenkel can relate to many moms of the world. She has worked full-time, she has worked part-time, she has taken her kids to daycare and she has been a stay-at-home mom.

Katie has four wonderful children where she now balances taking care of her home and working part-time.

"I have now been trying to re-learn the balancing act of taking care of my home and going back to work part-time. I have a whole new appreciation for mothers who do that. Many times I wonder, “how will I get it all done?!” when faced with laundry, dishes, vacuuming, cooking, and chasing my kids around the house every second of the day. But some friends of mine have given me some very wise advice…the first being to not expect to get it all done. You have to prioritize and let some of the non-important stuff go…and to get used to a messy house! And others have told me that having a job that takes you away from your children for even a short period of time makes you appreciate the time you have with them so much more. So very true. I have some smart friends!" ~Katie