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About Us

First 5 Shasta and First 5 Siskiyou are building a pathway to success for young children!  So far, we've invested over $25 million in programs, services and activities that help build the pathway, touching the lives of thousands of Shasta County children ages 0-to-5 and their families. 

Where do we get the money to help get children off to a good start?  Thanks to the wisdom of California voters, Proposition 10 was passed in 1998 and began providing tobacco tax revenues to First 5.  All revenues must be spent to, ultimately, improve child development and school readiness.  First 5 Shasta and First 5 Siskiyou are in good company - there is a First 5 organization in every county in California.

Partnership - We offer a great big THANK YOU to our MomsEveryday partners: First 5 Butte County and First 5 Siskiyou.

We Appreciate Our Featured Experts!

Tammy Fabris
Parent Partner
Youth 4 Change

JoJo Mantle
Senior Library Assistant
Butte County Libraries

Shaylene Herndon
Bright Futures Parent Partner
Tri County Community Network

Stephanie Alexander
Instructional Service Coordinator
Shasta County Office of Education

John Harch, MD, FACS
Retired Surgeon
Siskiyou County Tobacco Education Council

Michelle Harris, MS, RDN
Nutrition Education Specialist, First 5 Siskiyou
Center for Healthy Communities, CSU Chico


Q & A

Q:  What does the term “numeracy” mean?

A:  Numeracy is using mathematics in everyday life, so it’s important for people of all ages.

Q:  Why are numeracy skills important for children?

A:  Numeracy helps children develop critical thinking and reasoning skills.It helps them understand how many, how much, how big, how small. They’ll use numeracy skills to solve problems and for practical activities like telling time, playing a sport, building things or cooking or baking.

Q:  How can parents create numeracy activities?

A:  Just look for playful numeracy lessons in everyday life – it makes it fun for you and your child. Do things like count produce as you bag it at the grocery store, gather rocks and leaves outdoors and count “alike” items and count the total items. And my favorite is playing board games, especially using dice!