MomsEveryday: The impact of school shootings and keeping your children safe


The nation is reeling after yet another deadly school shooting. Worried parents want to know how to discuss the school shooting in Florida with their children.

People want to know what can be done to prevent gun violence and how to keep their families safe. MomsEveryday is hoping to answer some of those questions today during a Facebook Live panel discussion. You can hear from the experts and join the conversation today at 1 p.m CST.

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Some of the topics that may be addressed are:

  • What can parents tell their kids who may be worried this could happen at their school?
  • How can parents cope with their fears or concerns this could happen in their community?
  • What happens with active shooter drills, and how can you reinforce what kids learn in them?
  • How can families prepare to communicate with each other if there is a mass casualty incident in their community?
  • How can families deal with feelings of helplessness? How can families get involved, how can they reach out to legislators, what kind of action can they take that is helpful? 
  • What are warning signs that parents can watch out for? How can parents talk to their children about watching out at school and on social media for disturbing or troubling signs? What should kids do if they are concerned about one of their friends, or another student? Should they tell parents, school officials, law enforcement, etc.?
  • Are people becoming desensitized to this kind of violence in the United States?