Creative ways to organize your jewelry

This article, entitled "Creative Ways to Organize Your Jewelry," comes from Liz Hayes, MomsEveryday correspondent from Central Wisconsin.

If you're having difficulty finding your favorite earrings or that staple cocktail ring, here are some suggestions on organizing your jewelry.

Ice trays. Your pieces will stay separated and avoid entanglement. Pieces can be easily spotted when you're looking for them. Ice trays can also slide into almost any drawer or even sit on top of your vanity.

Coat racks. Hang your beautiful bracelets and necklaces on a decorative coat rack. Not only will they stay tangle-free, you'll be able to spot your pieces easily. It can also make a pretty wall accent.

When you're getting ready to reorganize your jewelry and find tangled pieces, try rubbing a little baby oil and using two straight pins to untangle that necklace or delicate bracelet.

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