Decorating in small spaces

Andrew Skipper, lifestyle expert, is addressing small space decorating this week. He suggests four items that every small space should have.

1. Furniture with built-in storage.
“Instead of putting your TV on a regular TV stand consider something with drawers. The goal is to get things normally out on the table tops inside and hidden. The more you declutter your space the more your room is going to look larger,” Skipper advises.

Storage ottomans are another good solution. They come in all colors and fabrics.

2. Mirrors.
“Mirrors are going to double the space you have, reflect light and are great to hang across from a window because they bring in natural light and make things feel bigger.”

3. Rugs.
“Make sure you get the right size. Measure your space out before you go shopping and make sure you know the dimensions you want your rug to be. If you buy a rug that’s too small for your space then you’re room is going to feel even smaller and cramped. The rule of thumb here is that all of the legs of the furniture should be on the rug or just the front legs resting on the rug then you will be on the way to a seating arrangement that feels more open.”

4. Curtains.
“The final thing to add to your small space is curtains,” Skipper said. “If you get two panels of curtains you can really elongate the space making it feel taller and more open. Also they add texture and softness which is really important in a small space. The important thing to remember is you don’t have to go small on style.”

About the Author...
Andrew Skipper
Andrew Skipper is a Lifestyle Expert woking internationally both in America and Europe. His company, Andrew Skipper Everyday, focuses on helping people elevate the everyday tasks they perform and objects they live with.

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