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Have you noticed that home canning seems to be making a comeback? Well, according to Martha McMillan there’s not a comeback, it’s been pretty hot all along.

"I liken it to pearls or a little black dress, they never go out of style but they do have resurgences every now and then. We take fruits and we preserve them and then we also we take vinegar using ball mason jars to get a good seal and be able to have shelf stable food that you can eat at home any time you want to enjoy what you put in it," Martha says.

Obviously it’s very important to follow directions in canning.

"You should always use a good recipe; the Ball Blue Book is a good one because those are tested recipes. You want to use hot water bath canning method, you don’t want to bake it in the oven, you don’t use the old fashioned way where you use wax on top. We use the approach that the FDA takes."

Do you think when folks take a home canning class or start doing home canning it gives them a greater appreciation of the canned goods you see in the super market?

"You realize how much work goes in it, how many different steps of the process, and the quality control that needs to be in place for the food to get on the shelves."

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