How dads can maximize their time with the kids


The reality is, sometimes Moms and Dads don't stay together, in which case often times one parent gets primary custody of the kids.

So, if you're a Dad, and if you're not given primary care, how do you make the very most of the time you do have with your kiddos?

Roger Gallimore is both a dad and the Executive Director of the YMCA of Rapid City, South Dakota. He says when you find yourself in a limited situation, it’s all about building that relationship.

"It doesn't have to be some big magnificent event. It's just time together. That's what's important, and that might just be time sitting down and eating. It might be sitting down and saying, 'So, tell me, I haven't seen you for a week, or I haven't seen you for a couple weeks. Tell me what's been happening? I'm interested. I want to know.’”

The most important thing a dad can do is spend quality time talking and listening.