Staycation ideas using thrift store finds

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I love vacations but I don’t always have the time, money or inclination to pack/find a pet sitter/be away from home for long, etc. And I know lots of people in my same situation. We’ve all heard of “staycations”, which can include visiting local attractions in your area or simply creating something at home. Here’s just a few ways you can have fun for less and not resent the vacation you can’t have this year. I personally feel that any vacation is more about how I feel, the company I’m with, and the memories created more than where I go.


Whether it’s in your own backyard, a local park or anyplace you can spread a blanket; a picnic can be a fun way to enjoy good weather and food with the family, your friends, or your honey. In the past I have spent big bucks on “picnic paraphernalia” only to lose or break something, which can and does happen. Of course there’s nothing wrong with using paper products but why not make the picnic more of an event with some fun items that don’t cost a lot and won’t ruin the fun if something gets chipped or left behind. Pretty plastic dishes that are cheap and won’t break are usually plentiful at thrift stores and any basket big enough to hold what you want can be a picnic basket.


There’s always a wide selection of travel books at thrift stores which are super cheap and who cares if they are used? You can use these to find places in your area to visit or choose a book with an exotic destination you’d like to visit if you had the funds. A lot of the books have descriptions, pictures, and information on what the locals eat, drink and wear. You can plan a whole destination getaway duplicating that information at home. Cook up a French meal with the family and let everyone wear something they think they’d see someone in France wearing, like a beret.

Along the same lines of the travel books, you can use cooking books for a destination meal. Make the meal even more fun by picking up local produce at a Farmers Market.


Unless you’re actually out of town, it can be challenging to get the whole family together. In my mind, a staycation can include anything you don’t usually make time for, like a movie marathon or board game competition. I personally think this works best and seems more like a treat when everyone turns off any and all devices and you make it an event by blocking that time out so no one has a place they have to run off to…which can lead to everyone looking at their watches and not being in the moment.

I only buy games at thrift stores because they are so inexpensive. I’ve never got home with a game that had missing pieces but to be on the safe side, double-check.

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