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About Us

A Healthy NEW Experience

Kennedy Health and Wellness is one of the most fully equipped, state of the art, high-tech health care clinics with experienced professionals continually advancing in the most up to date training and treatment protocols for a variety of conditions and specialties.

Quite often our team gets results even when nothing else has worked.

Our goal with every patient is that one day they will graduate from initial intensive care and no longer need frequent trips to the Doctor, instead learn how to maintain optimal health on their own.

4 Types of Care

Initial Intensive Care
The main goal  in this phase of care is the relief of symptoms as soon as possible so you will “feel” better fast. This does not mean you are well yet, but you will “feel” better, and that is a good thing. It is recommended that you move to the next phase of care, but you may discontinue care whenever you desire. Stopping care too soon is like taking the cast off of a broken arm 5 days after it was put on because the patient “feels” better. Everyone knows it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a broken bone to begin to heal, and it has not healed after 5 days just because the patient “feels” better. Initial Intensive Care can be 1 visit for babies and young children, and is usually 1 to 2 months for adults.

Corrective Care
Initial Intensive Care and symptom relief may very well be the easiest part of the care program. Correcting the underlying cause of the problem can be more difficult and time consuming. This phase of care can range from 1 to 2 ½ years. It is just like wearing braces on your teeth.

When was the last time a patient told the Orthodontist that he or she was only going to wear the braces for 6 months even though the Doctor said the braces would need to be on for 2 to 3 years to correct the misaligned teeth? Never, right? Same thing with fixing misaligned spinal bones that create poor posture while adversely affecting the nervous system. During this phase the patient will be doing active  rehab exercises in the office and at home to retrain the posture muscles, and this can take time. At the end of this phase a new set of x-rays and scans will be taken to ensure maximum correction has taken place. This will require focus and determination, but the results are so worth it.

Maintenance Care
After the Orthodontist removes the braces because maximum correction has taken place, the patient is instructed to wear a retainer to “retain” the correction. The same thing goes for chiropractic care. The patient will be instructed on some home stretches and posture exercises to “retain” the correction in between checkups. This is a wonderful phase because it is much easier to maintain a healthy spine than to fix a broken down, banged up, damaged spine.

Wellness Care
This is by far the best phase of care and to be very direct and very honest, most people fall short of reaching wellness care. Why? Because we live in a “I want it now and I want it my way and I want it FREE” society. There is no free lunch. You really do get what you pay for. If you go through Initial Intensive Care, Corrective Care, and Maintenance Care successfully, then the patient will get the real health benefits of a body that not only “feels” well, but functions well, and at an optimum level. What would it be like to go through life aging and not slowly degenerate getting arthritis, poor posture, shrink in height, bladder issues, sleeping issues, fatigue and memory loss? Put the work in now and see for yourself.


Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Pat Kennedy


Dr. Mia Kennedy

Dr. Pat & Mia Kennedy
Patients from all over the Southwestern part of Virginia, as far as 2 hours away, seek out this experienced Doctor Team because they get results. They have worked on fun-loving weekend athletes all the way to professional and Olympic Athletes. Their results are superior due to the fact that they look at even the most mundane activity as a sporting event. Raking leaves, ironing clothes, and vacuuming are very similar to a golf swing or playing softball. If there is a mechanical problem with any joint in your body, these Doctors will find it and use their knowledge and experience to fix it.

They are both Florida Gators with athletic resumes. Dr. Pat swam on scholarship all 4 years for the University of Florida and Dr. Mia is an avid runner and exercise enthusiast. Aside from watching a good swim meet, they really get pumped to watch The Gators win football games in The Swamp. They met while attending Texas Chiropractic College in 1986 and opened their first Chiropractic practice in 1991. They both believe that laughter is sometimes the best medicine.


Dr. Brian Jensen

Dr Brian Jensen was introduced to Chiropractic at age 15 when he received treatment for some sports injuries sustain while wrestling. Based on the success of that treatment, he chose to attend Palmer Chiropractic College where he graduated in 1987.  Dr Jensen's personal experience with Chiropractic care has led him over the past 30 years to develop strategies for staying healthy, not merely addressing temporary aches and pains.  "Staying healthy is a proactive process, doing the things that become part of a healthy life style. "   With that in mind, Dr Jensen has incorporated a combination of the latest technological advances with simple, common sense tools that assist patients in achieving and maintaining their health goals.  He loves to watch Nebraska play football and enjoys it even more when they win. Dr. Brian is always ready to hear a good joke and keeps the patients and staff laughing by telling one or two of his own.