A different way to save time, money on family meals

Keeping the family fed can be one of the most challenging parts of parenting. One group of friends has found an interesting way to help each other get dinner on the table... meal sharing.

Each of three families provides a meal for all 12 people one day a week, meaning each family receives a prepared meal two days a week. In spite of early fears of commitment, everyone involved says it's working out great.

"It’s really changed our lives because we ordered out way too much went out to eat way too much," Allison, mother of three, said.

"I was kind of skeptical at first cause I didn’t want to commit to… I don’t know it’s intimidating cooking for a bunch of people. I feel the most happy about having a healthy meal, like we know we’re having a healthy meal three nights a week – it’s not, like you said – take out," Hannah, mother of two, said.

Usually there are enough leftovers to cover at least one or two meals for the week.

About the Author...
Pam Tauscher
Pam works as Executive Producer and Panel Moderator for the MomsEveryday Show, as well as serving as MomsEveryday host in her local market in Madison, WI.