Different forms of bullying

Bullying doesn’t always show itself in the form of black eyes or fat lips. Dr. Susan Swearer of the Bullying Research Network says some bullying isn’t physical at all.

"We typically say there are four forms of bullying: verbal, relational, physical and electronic," Dr. Swearer said. "If a child is going to verbally bully somebody, particularly at younger ages, they might be likely to also physically bully them. Or at older ages, if someone is relationally bullying other kids, by leaving them out of their group, then they might also do that on social media. Bullying spans all those different forms."

Dr. Swearer says the signs of non-physical bullying are often subtle. Look for changes in behavior, such as a social child becoming quiet and withdrawn, or a child losing interest in activities he or she usually enjoys. Also, be aware if your child hides their social media activity from you. Ask daily questions about their day to get a sense of their social relationships both offline and online so that then if there is a problem, you’ll be able to catch it early.

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Nikki Bates
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