How to raise a polite child

You may think whatever you want, your thoughts are private, but your behavior is public. This is an important lesson for children.

If you want your children to treat others with respect and politeness, they must learn positive social skills.

It's difficult to succeed in life if you can't get along with others. Here are some tips from Boys Town to help your child learn positive people skills.

  • Set a zero-tolerance policy. Teach children that it's never acceptable to be rude, with the exception of dangerous situations.
  • Find teaching opportunities. Use incidents of rudeness as an example of what not to do in order to teach good manners.
  • Model politeness. Your children are always watching you.
  • Show empathy. When children see things through the eyes of others, they're less likely to be rude.
  • Read positive stories to your kids. Share messages about positive behavior that counteracts rudeness.

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