Overcoming dry, winter air


It’s a common problem during winter: dry skin, chapped lips, dry throat and static shock. But there are some simple ways you can add moisture into your home this winter.

  • Open the dishwasher and let the steam out. Or, let dishes air dry instead of using the heat drying cycle.
  • Hang your clothes instead of using the dryer. The damp clothes will add moisture to the air as they dry.
  • Simmer water in a crock pot. Add a cinnamon stick or orange peel to add a nice aroma.
  • Add a countertop fountain or place decorative bowls of water around the house.
  • Decorate with houseplants. They add humidity to your home -- as they take in moisture, they also release moisture.
  • Keep an aquarium. This idea is great for a child's bedroom since it also provides soothing white noise and the comfort of a night light.

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