Six simple ways to save on Thanksgiving

The MomsEveryday Panel

We all want our Thanksgiving meal to be delicious, but also affordable. Josh Elledge from has these tips for keeping your meal within your budget.

Make less so you have less left over. Going by catering standards, plan for 4 oz of meat per person, ½ cup of sides and a quarter cup if there are several, two pieces of bread and one to two small servings of dessert.

Make plans for leftovers. Eat leftover turkey within four days and consider freezing extra food.

Make the meal pot luck style and plan to share costs and leftovers.

Save money on a centerpiece by using natural decor found outside, like acorns, pine cones and sprigs of pine.

Use simple recipes and avoid hard to come by or out of season ingredients.

Make as many dishes from scratch as possible, it’s the least expensive option.

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