Track Santa with NORAD

It’s exciting to know that in a few days Santa will be making his yuletide journey across the world to deliver presents to girls and boys. You can add to that excitement by tracking his whereabouts this Christmas Eve.

In addition to tracking the air to make sure the skies are safe, for the past 60-plus years, NORAD has kept an eye on Santa Claus each December 24th.

Families are invited to call NORAD at 1-877-HI-NORAD to find out exactly where Santa is at that very moment, and to see when the big guy may be close to landing on their own roofs.

More than 1,500 volunteers help make the mission successful each year.

“The minute you walk in our operations center you can feel the energy and excitement of everyone there to contribute to this unique mission - something we’re uniquely qualified to do and honored to do every year,” Ashleigh with NORAD said.

Families are also encouraged to visit the website and download the NORAD Santa app, which includes games and other fun features.

NORAD begins its mission by checking radar for indications of Santa leaving the North Pole, and then uses satellites and Santa Cams to track jolly ole Saint Nick.

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