App gives parents complete control over kids' phone usage

There are a lot of options if you're interested in monitoring your kid's cell phone, but one app says it does it all.

MMGuardian is an app parents can install on their kids' phones that will control what apps can be used, how much time can be spent in an app and even block inappropriate websites.

Here are several key features:

  • Remote phone locking
  • Phone tracking
  • Phone number blocking for calls and text messages
  • Alerts for certain words used in text messaging
  • View complete browsing history

Parents can manage MMGuardian from the Parent App or web portal.

MMGuardian offers a free two-week trial. If you like its features, you can subscribe for as little as $1.99 per month for a single device. They also offer a one-time family plan license for a flat fee of $139.

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Rebecca Regnier
Rebecca Regnier is an award winning journalist. She hosts a television show called Rebecca Regnier’s Full Plate and writes a weekly newspaper humor column.

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