How to pack the perfect beach bag


With the growing popularity of staycations, the chances you’ll be hitting a beach, pool or lake with the family this summer are pretty good! Beach lover and MomsEveryday Host in Alabama, Amy Parker shares some of her top tips for packing the perfect beach bag.

  • Sunscreen: Avoid things like oxybenzone, parabens and vitamin A and do look for zinc oxide. Read the labels, and reapply every 90 minutes.
  • Sunburn: Pack some vinegar, it can take the sting out of sunburn as well as jellyfish stings. Also aloe vera gel or honey, for stings and burns.
  • Face Refresher: Brew some green tea, put it in a spray bottle and give your face a spritz.
  • Hair: Bring a leave-in conditioner in a spritz bottle.
  • Powdered drinks: Use the powder for instant lip stain.
  • Baby powder: When it’s time to leave the beach, powder takes off the sand.
  • Baby oil: This takes sting out of freshly shaven legs in ocean saltwater.
  • Ziplock bags: Keep your phone and portable charger dry--plus touch screen still works through the bag!
  • First Aid items in another bag.
  • For night fun: Bring flashlights and glow sticks.
  • Beach towels: Thin towels dry faster and a yoga mat comes in handy for relaxing in the sun.

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