Personal journey: Courage to divorce


No one goes into a marriage expecting it to end. But the reality is, today’s divorce rate is around 40 percent for first marriages. Blogger Amy Byrnes of writes about her family life after divorce. She tells MomsEveryday that the question she is asked by readers the most is how she found the courage to go through with it.

“Something I would tell someone who is considering it is, you have to be doing it for all of the right reasons, right? It’s not like you’re ditching one spouse to go find someone else who’s gonna be nicer to you,” Byrnes said. “It can’t even be about finding someone else. It’s gotta be like being the person you want to be so really I would encourage somebody to start doing just that and start looking into what you want, what you need in a relationship and whether you’re getting that from your spouse.”

“The one thing that I do like to reassure readers is that it is gonna be okay. For me I wanted to keep my family together more than anything I have 4 children with my ex husband and all I wanted was the perfect shiny life. And I did have the perfect shiny life on the outside, you should have seen my Christmas cards. They were beautiful . But on the inside is was a different story. Not only was I not the woman I wanted to be and that I knew I was inside and had been years when I was younger I wasn't the mom I wanted to be I have two sons and two daughters I wasn’t showing any of them all of them what a strong woman looked like and I wanted them to know that.”

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