Count the Kicks to prevent stillbirth


Stillbirth occurs every 22 minutes in the United States, but it's not something most expectant mothers think about.

Count the Kicks is an organization that's working to reduce stillbirth. They've created a free app that helps expectant moms track their baby's movements, and alert their medical provider if they notice a change, which could be a sign of distress.

Here's how to Count the Kicks:

  1. Pick a time when your baby is active, such as after a meal, and try to be consistent with the time each day.
  2. Make sure your baby is awake. Try pushing on your belly or having a cold drink, then count each of your baby's movements until you reach 10. All movements count as "kicks" -- except hiccups which are involuntary.
  3. Log your baby's movements using the Count the Kicks app or a kick chart. Notify your doctor of any change in your baby's movement pattern

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