Crosswalk safety

Pam Tauscher

For the youngest students heading off to school, even if they’re not walking all the way, they may still need to use a crosswalk to get into the school or off the bus. Community Fire Educator Lori Wirth offers a few tips to help children learn the ropes of crosswalks.

“Children are really used to, we hope, crossing streets with an adult present but as they move on the school that’s not always the case so we want to give them the tools to cross safely. First off of course is looking both ways we have some rhymes that go with that to help them understand the importance of looking both ways before you cross. But we also have some practice with an actual crossing guard so that the crossing guard can explain the rules of crossing how the crossing guard helps and how to work with them. So we go over a lot of information making sure instead of riding a bike in a crosswalk walk your bike across the street for additional safety and just making sure that they’re paying attention at all times.”

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