How to raise back yard chickens


Got interest in joining the craze to have backyard chickens and enjoy your own fresh eggs? MomsEveryday talked with Alice Beckham to get some pointers on how to get started.

"You start with the basics: food, water and shelter," Beckham said. "So, a safe place for them to be in a pen, plenty of water and plenty of fresh food."

Do you start with grown hens?

"I prefer to get started by raising chicks," Beckham said. "That way I know they haven’t been exposed to anything anywhere else. I’m really particular about disease and germs coming into my flock."

What kind of time commitment is involved?

"It probably takes about 45 minutes a day, if that," Beckham said. "You will spend time feeding the hens fresh food, making sure they have fresh clean water and then just cleaning up."

How often to you gather eggs?

"We gather eggs every day," Beckham said. "With this flock I’ve got about two dozen eggs a day and they are fabulous."

These days you don’t have to live in a rural area to have chickens. Check with your town and neighborhood ordinances.

"They allow hens, usually not roosters," Beckham said.

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