Organization aims to help parents in need celebrate kids' birthdays


For many parents the problem with birthdays is how much stuff their kids get. But that’s not the case for all children. That’s exactly what motivated one mom to start a non-profit to change that.

“I started this project four years ago as a simple idea and a desire to make sure every child is celebrated,” said Nicole Moll, founder of Box of Balloons. “I have three little boys myself, and we love throwing them themed birthday parties. They look forward to it every year and so it just got me thinking that there are probably a lot of kids across the country who do not get to celebrate birthdays.

“I was just realizing there are so many moms who would love that opportunity but are not able to do that. So we contacted a school district and they said it’s a huge need and there’s no other organization doing this so we just decided to give it a try.”

With Box of Balloons families receive everything needed for their celebration in a box. Each box is themed and it’s customized to the child.

Included are some DIY decorations kids can help with, a game, party favors, cupcakes, candles and a gift --everything you would need.

"We put the gift in the box with a gift bag and tissue and gift card so the parents can be the one to get it ready for their child. We want to be behind the scenes and empower the parents to celebrate their own children.”

Box of Balloons offers everything conveniently for families who are celebrating in homeless shelters, at a park or at a neighbor's apartment.

“Any sort of celebration is special, just a birthday gift and candles and a cupcake is life-changing for many of them, and it’s something that their family will never forget. The parents, when we do get feedback, they are so filled with joy. It’s something they’ve always wanted to do but when they have to choose between food or shelter and a birthday party, they are just not able to choose the party and so this just gives them a whole day of smiles and hope and happiness.

“When I first started this I was looking for a way to volunteer and give back with my own children, which is really hard to find in most organizations and so at Box of Balloons we believe everyone and anyone can help at any age. We have a kids volunteer program we encourage the whole family to do it together. So many kids like my own didn’t even think about it before, of course everyone gets to celebrate, but that’s not the case and so it’s really nice to be able to teach them.

“Really at the beginning I didn’t have a vision. I didn’t know if it would work And so now that we are across the country, we have 26 chapters in 15 states, now we do have big dreams of being in every single state and one day being world wide. It’s just really amazing to see volunteers coming together throwing parties!”