Spring tulip arrangements

Spring is upon us and that means it’s time for plenty of spring flowers! Tulips are a favorite this time of year. Lifestyle expert Andrew Skipper has tips for arranging tulips in two different styles.

“The first thing you want to do with tulips is give them a fresh cut,” Skipper said. “Tulips like to have shallow water, just make sure only the bottom of the stem is in the water.”

“For a modern looking arrangement with tulips, try cutting some so that they are actually inside the cylinder of the vase,” Skipper suggests. “The trick with tulips though, is once they're cut and put into water, they absorb that water and they grow. So everyday they’ll get a little bit taller so you may have to take them out and snip them and you want to give them fresh water every day.”

For a more designer look take a group of tulips and remove some of the lower leaves.

“Once you have them grouped in your hand, squeeze toward the top and twist the stems slightly and put them in the vase so the stems are at an angle,” Skipper said. “As they fill out they will start to droop a bit and that’s what we really want to see.”

But if they droop too much there’s a trick to that too.

“A trick to keep them from drooping so much is to use a pin inserted just below the bloom to make a small air bubble in the stem and within a few hours they will start to perk back up. Another way to keep them from drooping too much is to take them out of the vase and wrap them in brown paper, or parchment paper or newspaper put them in a vase and they will return to standing up tall. After a few hours just remove the paper.”

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