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About Us

For a lifetime of good health . . . Choose the ob-gyn team you can trust.....Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates.

Our team has served the women of Carteret County and the surrounding areas since 1977. Over the years, we’ve built a reputation for excellence in women’s medicine. Our board-certified women’s health specialists are committed to staying current with the latest advances and technology, so you can feel confident that you’re getting the highest level of care available. Today, we offer virtually every women’s health service you may need, including many in-office tests and treatments. At Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates, we believe that how you’re treated is just as important as the medical care we provide. Our physicians are easy to talk to and our entire staff is friendly and attentive to your needs. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality obstetrics and gynecology with warmth and compassion. Like the thousands of women who have placed their trust in us over the years, it’s a level of care you’re sure to appreciate.

Carteret OB/GYN FAQ

How do I schedule an appointment at one of your offices?
Our staff is always ready to help with you scheduling, insurance or anything else you may need during your time with us. We will take extra care to listen to your concerns, answer all your questions and thoroughly explain your condition and treatment options. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 252.247.4297. If at any time you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify us. We will be glad to reschedule your appointment at a more favorable time. We greatly appreciate your time and consideration and look forward to seeing you. Our hours of operation in the Morehead City location: Monday - Thursday: 8-6
Friday 8-5.

In our Swansboro location the hours of operation are:
Monday,Wednesday, Friday: 8-5 Tuesday and Thursday: 8-6

What type of Obstetric Care do you offer?
Prenatal care & delivery, with the experience you want.

Choosing your obstetrician is one of the most important decisions you’ll make for you and your baby. At Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates, we’ve brought thousands of babies into the world over the years and we enjoy caring for mothers-to-be.

As our patient, you’ll get to know each of our doctors. This allows one of our physicians to be available to you 24 hours a day and ensures that you know and are comfortable with the doctor who delivers your baby. Our doctors each have similar styles and work closely together to make sure you receive consistent, high-quality care.

We provide complete prenatal care, including in-office ultrasound and laboratory services. Our physicians care for women with high-risk pregnancies and work with excellent maternal-fetal medicine specialists when necessary.

Pregnancy and childbirth is an exciting time for you and your family. Trust our team to keep you and your baby healthy.

What type of Gynecology services do you offer?
The latest solutions for gynecologic health issues.

Our physicians have decades of combined experience, specialized training and the expertise you can trust when it comes to treating women’s health issues. They perform all types of hysterectomies and treat cysts, endometriosis, infertility and other gynecologic health problems with sensitivity and compassion. Our doctors provide the most up-to-date care available for gynecologic health concerns, including:

Solutions for heavy menstrual bleeding

Problem periods can cause you to miss out on work, school and the activities you enjoy. If medication and lifestyle changes don’t provide relief, you may benefit from a one-time, in-office procedure called endometrial ablation. This outpatient procedure gets you back to your routine in just a day or two. For some women, it is an excellent alternative to hysterectomy. Read more...

Comprehensive evaluation & treatment of bladder problems

Our doctors provide discreet testing and the full range of treatment options for urinary incontinence. Depending on your condition, you may get the results you need from medication or a quick outpatient procedure that can solve your problem for good. Read more...

Family planning

Today, there are so many more choices for women and couples interested in family planning or voluntary sterilization. Read more...

Menopause & osteoporosis care

Thanks to recent advances in gynecology, doctors and patients have new and better menopause treatments and improved management for women approaching menopause. We also use a high-tech diagnostic device called a DEXA scanner, which measures bone density or thickness, and helps us determine if you have osteoporosis or osteopenia (the early form of osteoporosis) right here in our office. Read more...

In-Office procedures

Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates also offers in-office laboratory testing, gynecologic and obstetric ultrasound and other routine tests. Read more...

Minimally invasive surgery

The newest minimally invasive (laparoscopic) techniques can often be performed on an outpatient basis and offer significant benefits over older methods. Read more...

In-Office lab testing

Including Genetic testing for cancer prevention.

Pelvic prolapse

Pelvic prolapse is a condition that can be very disturbing for those affected. Read more...

Get help for your gynecologic health issues. Let our dedicated professionals take good care of you. Call Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates at 252.247.4297

Do you treat infertility?
Infertility affects about 12 percent of couples attempting pregnancy. It can be a very stressful time of life for those affected. We understand the feelings of anxiety and frustration that are often associated with infertility. Infertility can have many causes and treatments options.

Problems with ovulation account for most cases of infertility in women. Without ovulation, there are no eggs to be fertilized. Some signs that a woman is not ovulating normally include irregular or absent menstrual periods. Less common causes of fertility problems in women include blocked fallopian tubes (due to pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or surgery for ectopic pregnancy), physical problems with the uterus, uterine fibroids.

Various factors can affect a woman's ability to have a baby. These include age, stress, poor diet, athletic training, being overweight or underweight, tobacco use, alcohol, sexually transmitted diseases, and health problems that cause hormonal changes.

Carteret Ob/Gyn can help

At Carteret Ob/Gyn our physicians can guide you through the various stages of work up and treatment. We use ultrasound, hysterosalpingogram, laparoscopy, endocrine evaluation, and some fertility medicines including metformin, clomiphene and tamoxifen as needed. We have the capability to do intrauterine insemination on-site. Many times people will achieve pregnancy with the measures we are able to do here. If not, we have excellent working relationships with regional fertility clinics that can prescribe and manage stronger ovulation medicines. We have on-site ultrasound capabilities which add convenience of your treatment regimen whether you are under our care or one of the fertility centers we work with.

What is NexSlim Weight Loss?
NexSlim for fast, effective, medically-supervised weight loss.

NexSlim is a comprehensive, medically-supervised weight management and wellness program. Our experienced team at Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates can help you lose weight easily, safely and quickly – up to 25 pounds in just four weeks for some patients. With NexSlim, more than 95 percent of our patients lose weight. Now, you can, too. The program includes:

Complete health and medical evaluation

Nutritional supplements and medications according to your needs

Physician-recommended medications and injections (Lipo B and/or B1-B6 injections)

One-on-one nutritional counseling, support and motivation from our trained professional counselors

Customized meal plans suited to your personal taste and dietary needs

A fitness plan sensitive to your limitations and activity level

At Carteret Ob-Gyn Associates, we're dedicated to helping our patients achieve their ideal body weight and the ultimate wellness. Helping you prevent illness and disease is our way of helping you improve your quality of life for many years to come. Ask us about NexSlim and find out out if this program is right for you. To learn more about Nexslim visit