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About Us

Compassionate, Exceptional Urologic Care

At Tennessee Urology Associates, PLLC, our physicians are pleased to deliver the most advanced medical care in the field of urology. We are recognized for our exceptional doctors, specialty expertise, research leadership and advanced treatments.

Our centers host urologic physicians with seven at North Knoxville Medical Center/Park West/Lenoir City, five at Oak Ridge/Harriman/Clinton and five at Turkey Creek/Park West/South Knoxville, as well as other midlevel providers and assistants throughout our various locations.

Our dedicated medical staff serves patients in Knoxville and surrounding areas providing variety of services ranging from cancer treatment to infertility. Our physicians are board certified and participate in continued education to ensure that we stay ahead of advancing techniques and solutions.

Mission Statement

To ensure every patient receives compassionate, high quality care in a cost-effective manner.

Our Vision

To be the region’s leading urologic group practice through our commitment to high quality, state-of-the-art patient care, the community and to urologic research. This will provide a platform for continued practice growth and stability for our physicians and employees.

Our Values

Quality, Empathy, Service, Teamwork, Community, Independence

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Clinical Trials - Drugs and medical devices must undergo extensive testing before they can be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Before testing which involves people, laboratory research is conducted with animals and human tissue. If this stage of testing is successful, the manufacturer may apply to the FDA to begin clinical trials. The results of the clinical trials will provide the manufacturer and the FDA valuable information.  Learn more....

DaVinci© Surgery - DaVinci© Prostatectomy is the #1 choice for treatment of localized prostate cancer in the United States and is rapidly being chosen by more men, as well as their doctors, worldwide. DaVinci© Prostatectomy is a minimally invasive, robotic-assisted surgical procedure that removes the cancerous prostate gland and related structures. The board-certified physicians at Tennessee Urology Associates, PLLC, in Knoxville, Tenn., are specialty-trained in DaVinci© procedures.  Learn more....

MonaLisa Touch - Have you experienced changes in your vaginal health since menopause?  Did you know that as many as 50% of postmenopausal women suffer from changes in their vaginal health. When estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Millions of women experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning or painful intercourse because of these changes. Many women suffer silently, and those who seek treatment find their options limited: messy estrogen creams or hormone replacement therapy, which isn’t for everyone.  It’s OK to talk about it – because now you can do something about it!  Learn more....

Bladder Control - BLADDER OUT OF CONTROL?  WE CAN HELP.  Bladder control problems, including overactive bladder (OAB) and non-obstructive urinary retention, are treatable conditions. They’re not a normal part of aging. And you shouldn’t have to deal with them on your own.  Learn more....