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About Us

Maximize your Comfort and Energy Savings with RetroFoam of Michigan!

RetroFoam of Michigan is a foam insulation contractor focusing on insulating residential homes across Michigan’s lower peninsula.

Many Michigan homes are filled with poor insulation, and some older home don’t have any insulation in them. This can result in the discomforts of drafts, cold floors, and cold walls, not to mention high energy bills.

RetroFoam of Michigan uses foam insulation to air seal your new or existing home, filling all the cracks and crevices in your foundation, walls, and attic to make you more comfortable and reduce energy bills up to 50%!

To learn more about foam insulation, please visit our website or schedule a free in-home estimate by calling us at 866-900-3626.

Why Choose Us?

  • We Specialize in Residential Homes
  • We Specialize in Foam Insulation
  • We are Experienced
  • We are Licensed and Insured
  • We Offer a Lifetime Warranty




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We offer free, in-home estimates to homeowner’s across Michigan’s lower peninsula. To schedule your estimate, please call us at 866-900-3626 or fill out a form on our website.