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Vascular Challenge

Each of us value our limbs and rely on them daily. We use our legs, feet and toes every moment with activities such as working, walking, running, picking up your child or grandchild, driving a car, riding a bike, hiking, swimming, exercising, sports…the list goes on and on. That is why we strive to be the leaders in Limb Salvage and Preservation. Take the Vascular Challenge and call us today for a Second Opinion (810) 535-5555.

Second opinions offer a different perspective on a condition that has previously been assessed. By asking a different physician to look at your case, you may learn new ways to treat your condition or simply obtain reassurance that your current treatment plan is the most appropriate.

The Vascular Institute of Michigan is dedicated to preserving function of the lower extremities and offering advanced limb salvage and preservation options. With appropriate treatment, most amputations can be prevented. The Vascular Institute of Michigan provides comprehensive and advanced treatment alternatives to amputation.

Please call today to schedule your appointment: (810) 535-5555 (Same or next day appointments available)

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