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About Us

Ocala & Gainesville Florida - Accident Lawyers

At the Allen Law Firm, P.A., we give our best to ensure your best. To us, clients are more than just schedules, case files, or accident claim numbers. Our clients are real people who are facing real legal problems and are seeking real solutions. We grow to know our clients and their stories, their concerns, and their anxieties, but more importantly, we grow to serve them fervently and loyally.

Simply put, our Gainesville law firm and our Ocala law firm, which includes a mock courtroom, are places where you will feel ‘taken care of’, mainly because we think it’s important to treat every client like we would our own family. This means we expend our utmost in time, energy, resources, and services to ensure total satisfaction from beginning to end – and beyond. When you come to us in your time of crisis (emotional, physical, or legal), you can trust that we will assume the full responsibility of meeting your needs and protecting your interests. There really isn’t another Ocala or Gainesville accident law firm that does client care in the way we do.  Let THIS Gainesville personal injury firm shoulder the burden of the legal process so you can focus on what really matters: recovering and healing.

We understand that accidents can happen at any time or place. We operate on a 24-hour workday schedule and can take your call any day or night.  If you are looking for an Attorney in Ocala or an Attorney in Gainesville, Call the Allen Law Firm, P.A. today to request a free consultation. We proudly serve clients throughout Florida from our offices in Gainesville and Ocala.

Our personal injury firm offers aid in the following areas:

The History of the Allen Law Firm, P.A.
In February of 2007, husband and wife team Bill and Ginny Allen took a leap of faith and ended their long, well-established careers to open our firm. With sincere and willing hearts, Bill and Ginny knew that it was time to combine their extensive experience and talents to found a law firm that was different. The Allens wanted to build their firm on the foundation of their substantial backgrounds in law and insurance and their driving motivation to help others. Today, Allen Law Firm, P.A. looks much different. The firm has experienced steady growth and gradual expansion as well as dramatic improvements and office spaces and staff size that have multiplied substantially. The personal injury law firm in Gainesville changed locations several times over the years before landing in a beautiful new four thousand square foot office in Tower 24 Plaza off of SW 24th Avenue. The firm also opened in Ocala in 2010. Additionally, Allen Law Firm, P.A. does not confine themselves to the needs of clients from Alachua County. They have had the privilege of representing clients from surrounding counties such as Lake, Levy, Gilchrist, Dixie, Columbia, Union, Marion, Putnam, Citrus, and Lafayette. They have even taken cases from other states, such as a multimillion-dollar case from Georgia.




Giving Back in Gainesville & Ocala
Thankful people who understand that their lives have been blessed find joy by focusing on the needs of others. With a spirit of gratitude, we want to contribute to our families, our clients, and to our communities. Allen Law Firm, P.A. has set itself apart from other firms by actively participating in our North Central Florida community. We practice corporate tithing by donating a significant portion of our annual profits to charities. Managing partner, Attorney Bill Allen, feels that this is simply the right thing to do. The majority of the charities supported by Allen Law Firm raise funds for cancer research. This concentration is not a coincidence, it is a personal mission. Several members of the Allen family have been touched by cancer. Two members of our Allen Law Firm team, Attorney Bill Allen’s wife Ginny and his sister-in-law Adamarie, are cancer survivors. Read more about the charities that we are passionate about or contact us to learn more.



Allen Law Firm FAQ

What determines whether my claim settles or goes to court?
The vast majority of insurance claims are settled before litigation. Settling before litigation means that you receive your settlement check sooner and without the expenses associated with litigation. However, it is important that your lawyer has a proven record of taking cases to trial. Many times the insurance company will not settle the case fairly if they do not believe your attorney is ready to go to court.

Can I deal with the insurance company myself?
You certainly can but that is not in your best interest. Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company, not you. Insurance company adjusters go through extensive training – they are licensed and trained to handle your claim in the best interest of the insurance company. As Attorney Allen says, “We even the playing field for our clients.” We know exactly what the insurance company is supposed to do and we make sure that they do it.

What is a deposition? What is mediation?
A deposition is a sworn statement, taken under oath, concerning the issues of the case. Once a lawsuit is filed, many depositions are taken as part of the “discovery” phase of litigation. A deposition is generally conducted in the attorney or the court reporter’s office. A court reporter records the complete statement, which may later be used at trial. Mediation is a settlement meeting that occurs prior to trial. At mediation, each side appears with their attorney to meet with a mediator. A mediator is a licensed certified attorney who acts as a neutral party. Both sides present their case to the mediator, who then works to help the parties reach a settlement agreeable to everyone. All information at mediation is confidential and cannot be used later at trial.

How long will it take for my case to settle?
The duration of your case depends on the length and type of medical treatment needed. We want to be absolutely certain that you have received the proper diagnosis and prognosis for your injury so that we can factually demonstrate to the insurance company the value of your claim. Generally, most auto injury claims take anywhere from three to twelve months to settle. However, this process may take longer depending on the severity of your injuries, the extent of your physical recovery, and the existence of any complex liability disputes.

What if the person who hit me has no insurance?
If the at-fault driver is uninsured or is underinsured, you can still make a recovery if you have purchased uninsured/underinsured motorists (UM) coverage with your own insurance company. We will verify all available coverage(s) for you, and will check the personal assets of the at-fault driver and vehicle owner.

Are expert witnesses necessary to prove fault in a truck or auto accident case?
If there is a dispute over liability, the trucking company will have an expert on their side. At Allen Law Firm, P.A., we know who to retain when you need an expert witness on your side, and we know how to deal with the trucking company’s expert witness. Some of the experts we use can help determine and prove the following:

Driver fatigue
Alcohol and drug use
Driver errors
Improper maintenance
Bad brakes/li>
Tire blowout
Tread separation
Failure to comply with federal regulations
Excessive speed

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Our Mission
To be the most dependable and compassionate law firm in Florida, we strive to do the following:

  • Always employing extremely knowledgeable, innovative individuals who never limit the amount of effort they will expend
  • Help ensure that personal injury victims receive ample compensation for the security of their health and comfort
  • Be guided by a deep commitment to client satisfaction with services that guarantee unbridled diligence, sincere empathy, and unwavering faithfulness
  • Have a positive impact on every individual with whom we come into contact in a manner that aims for their good above all else
  • Earn the highest regard and lasting approval of those we can assist and befriend

Our Experience
The Allens always contribute their success to the principles that first motivated them to begin their own practice: experience and client care. After graduating from the University of Florida with high honors and lettering in football for the Gators, Bill earned his Masters in Business Administration while working in a family-owned business. Six years later, he returned to the University of Florida College of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctorate with Honors and was a member of the Trial Team. For the past twenty-three years, Bill has been practicing personal injury law and has handled over six thousand cases. The first five years of his career were spent working for insurance companies, which gives him a distinct advantage in dealing with them now. Prior to Allen Law Firm, P.A., Ginny worked for an insurance company as a claims adjuster and a state-wide claims/litigation manager, managing all types of injury claims including fatalities and large exposure cases. We currently employ five licensed insurance adjusters and the team has a combined 115 years working for insurance companies. It would be difficult to find a firm in the state with more staff members that have worked directly for insurance companies. In addition, our attorneys are members and associated with the following:

  • The American Association for Justice
  • The American Bar Association
  • The Florida Justice Association
  • The Gainesville Chamber of Commerce
  • The Ocala Chamber of Commerce

Legal Care
Our Gainesville personal injury lawyers’ greatest desire and most compelling direction is client care. The team channels all of their energies towards extending unaffected compassion to their clients. Whether it is a personal injury case or wrongful death case, we take each case very personally and truly understand the struggles that each client is facing. We make ourselves available every minute of the day. The four Cs of the firm dictate all of the actions and behaviors of the team:

  • Care
  • Compassion
  • Competence
  • Confidence

Our staff knows that sincerity, integrity, and trust are the foundation of this firm and, combined with their exceptional legal expertise and experience, are the distinguishing factors of their firm. We vow to be true to our word because to us, reputation and integrity are everything.

Our Goals
The Golden Rule to do unto others as you would have them do for you is our driving goal. We treat every client like family and are very involved in the community and support many good causes, mainly cancer charities, which are very dear to Bill and Ginny. We have one vision leading us: how the client will feel at the end of their case. As Bill often says, “we stay focused on how the client is going to feel about us at the end of their case, what’s their impression of the work we’ve done, and how we treated them in the process.”

Contact us today in Gainesville at (352) 331-6789 or Ocala at (352) 351-3258 to learn more during a free consultation.

How Our Firm Can Help You
At the Allen Law Firm, P.A., you are always treated like family. We take the time to listen to your needs and create a case that best fits your goals. Filing a personal injury claim can be difficult, but with help from our firm you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Our attorneys have:

  • 193 years of combined experience
  • AV Preeminent® Rating, the highest possible in legal ability and ethical standards
  • Avvo Rating of 10.0 Superb
  • 24/7 availability when you need us most
  • Hospital and home visits at your request
  • We go to court and take your case as far as needed
  • An uniquely experienced staff composed of seven former insurance adjusters who have over 145 years of combined experience working for insurance companies. We know exactly how the other side works
  • Recovered over $130 million in settlements for clients
  • You pay no fees or costs unless we win your case

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Go Above & Beyond
No matter what your circumstances, the Allen Law Firm, P.A. has your best interests in mind. This includes assistance with car damage, such as:

  • Arranging a rental car
  • Ensuring car repairs are done properly
  • Negotiating the absolute best value when car is totaled
  • Presenting a diminished value claim for lost value on car

Furthermore, if you are facing medical bills or have a lost wage claim, we can:

  • Notify all insurance companies of claim
  • Get medical bills, lost wages, and mileage claims paid
  • Negotiate all bills and liens at end of your case

Our attention to detail can help ensure that you get the compensation that you may be entitled to. When you’ve been injured, do not hesitate to contact us for a free individual case consultation.