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Phone: (402) 421-KIDS
Toll Free: 1-866-381-KIDS


Core Values
Faith-Based, Strengths-Focused, Family-Centered

Families Restored, Children Filled with Hope and Prepared for Life.

Our Mission is to improve the lives of children by equipping families, promoting responsible fatherhood, and strengthening marriages--because we believe every child deserves a family.

Every child deserves to be adequately cared for by his/her parent(s).
Every parent is entitled to assistance in learning how they can better care/provide for their children.
Those children/families needing an assessment and/or therapy should have access to services within their home environment or the least restrictive, most appropriate environment.
If it is absolutely essential for children to be placed out-of-home the children should be placed in the most appropriate, family-like environment in the closest proximity to their family; every effort should be made to facilitate reunification.
If immediate reunification is not a viable alternative the most appropriate, most family-like environment is essential; within the community of the family, if at all possible.
Those children who have been placed out-of-home for an extended period of time deserve intensive reunification intervention to facilitate their return home. If this is unsuccessful a permanent home should be sought for every child.
Those children in group or institutional care must be moved toward home. If circumstances prevent them from returning to their parent(s) then alternative, permanent families shall be made available.
Those adolescents in out-of-home placements who are nearing the age of majority and without family support are entitled to skills training to prepare them for adult living.

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