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About Us

Handmade soaps and skincare products are our specialty. Using only the finest ingredients found in nature, we bring you simple, all natural skin products that are sure to please your senses.

How We Started

Once upon a time, three young college graduate super cats decided that regular soap was too drying and full of lard, beef tallow and chemicals.  "What shall we do?"  Asked the Electrical Cat.  "We gotta do something.  The chemicals are taking over and soon everyone will be loving chemical based bubbles."  Said the Accountant Cat.  "I know."  Said Lady Cat.  "Only one way to save the world.  We make Vegan body products.  No lard, no chemicals.  Just pure nature."  The cats ventured on the mission to bring purity to the community and release bubble lovers from the spell of the chemicals.  They asked for help from other super heroes of the Vegan World and BAM! POW! KABOOM!, The Fizz Shop was born.  The College Super Cats, aka, 3 unemployed college graduates joined the Vegan World and saved Lincoln, NE from the chemical warfare.  JOIN US in our adventure of saving the planet from harmful chemicals.