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About Us

In 1945, Jessie & Carolyn Gilstrap opened a domestic appliance store, Trenton Appliance Co. in West Monroe, LA and handled brands such as Zenith, Philco, Maytag and Bendix.  Although historically they concentrated on domestic appliances, by 1960 they had expanded into commercial ice machine sales, service and leasing.  

By 1972 they added commercial restaurant equipment products. These included refrigeration and cooking items as well as walk-in coolers.  It was at this point they chose to separate the domestic from the commercial products.  The commercial business remained at the Trenton Street, West Monroe location.  They opened a second location, Trenton Maytag, in Monroe where they relocated domestic appliance sales.

Later, Trenton Appliance Co., secured the Hoshizaki Brand ice maker in addition to the existing Manitowoc Brand they were selling at the time.  Since 1985 to date, 35 years, they continue selling the Hoshizaki line of ice making equipment.

By 1990, sons, Carl Gilstrap & Jim Gilstrap, had taken over the operation of Trenton Appliance Co. in West Monroe and soon thereafter the third generation Gilstrap children joined forces as well.   
Reaching their 60’s and having grown up in the business, Carl & Jim started looking toward retirement.  Richard Allen, owner of Ice Equipment & Restaurant Supply, LLC from Monroe, approached them with a buyout offer.  Considering Richard a friendly competitor, they agreed to listen to his offer.  After negotiations, they felt it would be a good for both companies and all involved.

On 12-31-12, Richard and Terri Allen, Owners of Ice Equipment & Restaurant Supply, LLC purchased Trenton Appliance Co. and these two companies continue to service the North LA and South AR area.

In 2016, after 71 years at the Trenton Street location, they relocated the business to a new facility at 2054 Old Natchitoches Road in West Monroe, LA.

Additional Products Available For Sale:

  • Pop Corn Machines
  • Snow Cone Machines
  • Stainless Sinks and Tables
  • Countertop Fryers and Griddles
  • Heated Display Cases
  • Sandwich Prep Tables
  • Reach-In Freezers and Refrigerators 
  • Buffet Steam Tables

 Brands We Carry...


Information for Moms

If you’re like many families, it seems every time you have guests, the ice in your freezer just doesn’t stretch far enough.(Full Story)
Tired of the cost of going out to a movie? Join the growing trend of people adding a theater in their own home! (Full Story)

Not All Ice Is Created Equal...

We offer 4 different types of ice from crescent cubes to the popular chewable nugget ice.

Frequently Asked Questions...

QWhy should I buy local rather than the internet?

AMost internet sales companies do not offer service, but direct you to the manufacturer to locate local service companies.  Trenton Appliance Co. either services the equipment they sell or have contacts with local service companies who are trained and experienced in that brand of equipment.

QWhat type of warranty do your products offer?

AWe service the manufacturer’s warranty.  These vary depending on the product.

Q.  Do you deliver and install?

AWe do offer delivery.  We can, in most cases, install the equipment.

QDo you have a service department?

AOur service tech’s are very knowledgeable and have upwards of 75 years’ experience servicing the commercial brands of ice making equipment we sell.

QDo you carry parts?

A.  Yes, we have a very extensive parts department and stock parts for most major brands of ice makers..