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Station Testimonials

KVLY, Fargo, ND:
"$144,000 in NEW DIRECT BUSINESS!  What else do you want to know?

Over the years we have done several projects – Brand Music, Doyle System, Digital, etc. and with various levels of success.  Mom’s Everyday was one of the best Projects for delivering NEW DIRECT BIZ RESULTS and LASTING TRAINING!

This is time and resources well spent… and the results prove it.

Our Advertising Categories are:

Speech & Physical Therapy for handicapped kids, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, DENTIST, Home Designers, Fashion Boutique, Quilting/Sewing business, Behavior Counseling for kids, Closet Organizing biz.

We are expecting signatures for a Dyslexia Learning Center and a Urgent Care Medical care business next week.

AND – we offered a revised version of the package to a couple of businesses that didn’t commit in time to get category exclusivity for Mom’s Everyday, but still want to advertise… a chiropractor and another dentist now committed to a 6 month trial = More New BIZ.


-- Only 1 ½ days of presentations… with up to 6 different advertisers able to attend… maximizing efficiency

--We didn’t need 50 businesses to hope 20 showed.  We focused on quality clients and had 90% attendance rate.  11 of 12 showed up.

We closed 6 for 50% Close rate!

--Extra Sales Training and repetition = Elevated Expertise for businesses targeting Mom, beyond just the Mom’s Everyday franchise, which are such a large part of our direct advertiser base.

--Beth Fischer & Mark Sexton present the Mom’s Everyday position so well, it is easy for AEs to pick up tips, phrases and keywords that click with advertisers.

Our package was a pretty attractive entry level offer including both 2:00 & 1:00 Native Advertorials – along with :30 commercials… AND of course the Mom’s Everyday Micro site.  There is a very valuable production element, that we will absorb for year one.

Since the project week, we have closed an additional (6) annual commitments and still going.  Our max capacity is going to be 15 packages.

The total investment for the project with Mark & Beth’s travel etc was less than $5,000 and the ROI has been Fantastic!"

KHSL / KNVN, Chico-Redding, CA:
“Our reasons for becoming a "MomsEveryday" stations included wanting to own a market position (serving that demo, which watches a lot of TV), and to offer advertisers a very targeted marketing option employing both Broadcast and Digital. Viewer response, advertiser response, and sales team enthusiasm have all exceeded our expectations.”

WYMT, Hazard, KY:
“MomsEveryday was the perfect program for us to offer our advertisers.  It is an opportunity to have a commercial schedule and internet presence and the 2:00 minute interview segment to highlight their business is a big selling point.  Our Mom’s sponsors have gotten great results from the program.  We are on track to gross $200,000 on Moms this year and we are a very small market. It is rare to have a revenue opportunity that offers so much value to the viewers and the advertisers, Moms is that program.”

KAYU, Spokane, WA:
"We love the MomsEveryday vertical. It is a great program that truly adds content to our website as well as to our Good Day Spokane morning news. There are multiple ways to make money with MomsEveryday and the folks we work with from Moms - Beth, Debbie and Julia - truly make this an easy initiative to launch and keep selling.

"We had Beth, Debbie and Julia in our market earlier this spring and they did a two-day sales blitz with the account executives. We signed up new clients and wrote a bit over $50,000 in new business! Needless to say we are very happy with MomsEveryday."