Address: Snappers Headquarters
55 38th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201 View Map

Phone: 877-488-1808

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Information for Moms

If you're planning to visit Pittsburgh and want a special treat, locals will say, "Don't miss the Milkshake Factory."(Full Story)
How do you make brownies even better? Add a little peanut, salty, crunchiness to the mix!(Full Story)
This recipe is so easy to make, but anyone who tries it will be impressed and think you spent a lot of time in the kitchen!(Full Story)
Snappers are inspired by the childhood of Chris, Dana and Mark Edwards.(Full Story)
Snappers make a great snack, but did you know you can make a tasty drink with them as well?(Full Story)
Even if you can't make it to the Snappers Milkshake Factory in Pittsburgh, you can still enjoy some of their treats!(Full Story)