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Meet the new MomsEveryday host for WDTV, Melissa Robbins!  Melissa is a life-long resident of Harrison County, where she attended Robert C. Byrd High School and then graduated from West Virginia Wesleyan College.  In 2009, she completed her professional certificate of personal training, and has since followed her passion of working as a full-time personal trainer and life coach.  After the birth of her son, she took her personal training to the next level and created the "You First" Fitness App.

Melissa has taken on many roles in life....from friend and student to wife, personal trainer, life coach, blogger, and speaker.  In 2015, she took on her greatest  She's learned that reaching out for help and connecting with other moms are vital pieces of a healthy, happy motherhood. Join her every Monday and she can help make YOUR life easier.