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About Us

Valley Health Care (VHC) is a non-profit primary health care provider with clinics in Mill Creek and Elkins, WV. We provide medical care, eye care and pharmacy services to residents in the highlands of West Virginia. VHC also provides health centers in area schools so local children can have access to the care they need.  We operate two facilities, serving the Mill Creek and Elkins, WV areas. We offer primary care services, eye care and pharmacy services.

We accept most insurance plans and walk-ins are welcome. Our providers perform routine exams, treat illnesses and injuries, and perform blood tests and other procedures

The Valley Health Care and Arbor Community Healthcare facilities deliver a wide variety of primary care services and routine procedures.


Primary Care 

Medical care for acute and chronic illnesses and injuries
Blood tests, lab work, and urinalysis
Physicals (CDL, school, sports, etc.)
Medications (prescribed at the discretion of providers)
Allergy shots
Influenza shots
Hearing screening and tests such as Audiograms & Tympanograms
Vision screening
Electrocardiograms (EKGs)
Management of sleep disorders


Medical Procedures 

Body & scalp suturing
Incision & drainage of abscesses
Foreign body removal from body and scalp
Skin tag removal
Ear irrigations
Toe nail removal
Burn care


Arbor Community Health Center
105 Nathan St, Elkins, WV 26241
(304) 636-0133
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Valley health care Pharmacy
Poling Street, Mill Creek, WV 26280
(304) 335-6005
Map Location
Valley Health Care Eye Care
Poling Street, Mill Creek, WV 26280
(304) 335-2050
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Valley Health Care, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
P.O. Box 247 / Poling Street Mill Creek, WV 26280
(304) 335-2050
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Valley Health Care PHARMACY

Patients in Mill Creek are now able to get prescriptions from our health centers filled at the Valley Health Care Pharmacy.

We accept most types of health insurance, Medicaid, Medicare as well as cash, checks and credit cards.

Valley Health Care also helps patients without insurance through our VHC Care Program. We also help low-income patients afford prescription drugs through Valley Health Care’s 340B Drug Pricing Program
340B Drug Pricing Program

Our 340B Drug Pricing Program is for patients without  health insurance who have difficulty affording prescription medications. Patients who qualify will receive significant savings ranging from 20%-50% on pharmaceutical costs. Patients also will be able to get their prescriptions filled in the Valley Health Care Pharmacy located within our health center. Stop in to ask our pharmacist for more information and an application.

VHC Care Program

We offer the VHC Care Program for uninsured individuals who meet specifc income guidelines. The program’s fee is based upon income and the number of people in the household.

Please ask one of our front office staff or the receptionist for detailed information.

Valley Health Care Eye Care Services

We offer complete eye care for the whole family. We accept insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, cash, checks, and credit cards.

The Valley Health Care Eye Care clinic offers prescription eye glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses in a variety of styles and brands. We provide eye exams and screenings for diabetics.

Valley Health Care School-Based Health Centers

Providing health services to children through our schools

Valley Health Care Inc. (VHC) is sending our licensed healthcare providers to area schools to give on-site medical care to children. We will work with your child’s regular physician or primary care provider (PCP) to monitor the health of and provide care to your child.

Enroll Your Child Today

Examples of the services we provide are:

  • Treatment for acute illnesses such as the flu
  • Treatment for chronic illnesses such as asthma and diabetes
  • Immunizations and vaccinations
  • School and sports physicals
  • Referrals and coordination of outside services such as x-rays, dental work, and other services not available at the school-based health center

Our services will be available throughout the year. Take a look at our schedule for when our center will be open at our schools.
All Children are Eligible

All children enrolled in the school-based health services program are eligible to receive services regardless of insurance status. VHC accepts most insurance plans, including WV CHIP and Medicaid. Coverage and costs for services provided depends upon your insurance coverage.

If you have no insurance, please contact VHC for assistance in enrolling in an insurance plan or the VHC Care Program or for assistance with enrolling in an insurance plan through the Healthcare Marketplace. The VHC Care Program provides care to uninsured patients at a rate of 20% to 50% of the total cost.