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About Us

Founded in 1869, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the state's land-grant university and the only comprehensive university in Nebraska. Through its three primary missions of learning, discovery and engagement, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is the state's intellectual center and has been recognized by the Legislature as the primary research and doctoral-degree granting institution in the state. Nebraska was the first university west of the Mississippi to establish a graduate college (in 1896); today, UNL is one of the top 50 American universities in the number of doctoral degrees granted annually. The University of Nebraska boasts 22 Rhodes Scholars and three Nobel laureates among its alumni.

Nebraska's tradition of excellence is demonstrated not only in its classrooms and labs, but also on its fields of play. A member of the Big Ten Conference, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Cornhuskers field 21 varsity teams in 15 sports. No school has produced more Academic All-Americans or Football Academic All-Americans than Nebraska.

Our Mission & Vision
Core values and goals for the institution: educational excellence for all students in Nebraska and the world; economic and cultural development through research and outreach; and a commitment to diversity and intellectual rigor.

Nebraska Extension is a nationally respected educational leader. We work in a rapidly changing world, yet one familiar phrase seems most appropriate for Extension's future: “The future is what we choose to make.”

We have a responsibility to our clientele and colleagues to maintain high quality educational programs and a relevant and responsive organization.

As a learning organization we need to engage in discovery by creating and studying in our subject matter disciplines. At the same time, we need to engage in discovering processes that help us work together to continue to develop a viable future for our organization.

Extension is found throughout the state in 83 county offices that serve all 93 counties, and at four research and extension centers at Scottsbluff, North Platte, Norfolk and Mead. Extension faculty are also located in academic departments on campus. Each of these groups are instrumental in helping maintain a strong educational linkage between extension, research and teaching.

Since its beginning, extension has delivered research-based knowledge to people through direct teaching, experiential learning opportunities and publications. Today, extension uses exciting new technology such as Internet video streaming and web-based curriculum modules to reach an expanding audience.

Strategic Initiative
To help meet the new needs and challenges of Nebraska, Extension is adopting a new strategic team structure to address those issues facing Nebraskans. Right now we are launching an Issues Discovery process will help us frame new opportunities, problems and challenges important to the people we serve. Our first step in the process is this Issues Discovery Survey of Extension Professionals.

To review Dean Hibberd’s comments on the process you can watch this short 8 minute excerpt taken from his June 3rdChat with Chuck.

In his presentation, Dean Hibberd, asks that you share information about all issues you are aware of not only those in your area of expertise but other areas as well. You live in a community in Nebraska. What are the issues people are dealing with?

Educational Programs 


Most Nebraskans aren’t aware of how much Extension is supporting them on a daily basis, in almost every area of their life. Many are aware of the services Extension provides to the agricultural community, but Extension provides expertise and know-how to sectors as diverse as nutrition, health care, and technology. From border to border, Nebraska Extension is making an incredible impact on the success of our state — its youth, its families, its farms and ranches, its communities, its economy.

Impacting All of Nebraska
Each year, Nebraska Extension produces impact reports that showcase the work we are doing on behalf of Nebraskans throughout the state. Browse each of our programs to see how we are impacting areas where you have concerns.

Our Structure
Extension is a public-funded, non-formal educational system linking the land-grant University and county government. It is believed to be the largest adult and youth out-of-school non-formal educational organization in the world. The three partners in programming are USDA, the state land-grant institution and the county government.

Federal Partner
The federal partner is United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA has four mission areas. Extension is located in the Research Education and Economics (REE) mission area. The agency that administers Extension is the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA).

State Partner
The land-grant colleges and universities have a alliance known as The National Association of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges (NASULGC). Programs and policy for extension are formed by the Extension Committee on Organization and Policy (ECOP). In Nebraska funding for the Extension is through the University of Nebraska. University funding is appropriated by the Unicameral (state legislature) on a bi-annual basis through income tax and sales tax. By law Nebraska’s state budget must balance with its tax revenue.

Local Partner
In Nebraska the University has an interlocal agreement with county government to provide the local support including funding through local property tax dollars for the office facility, support staff, travel, programming supplies and equipment. This support varies depending on the size of the county. Each county or groups of counties have a constitution and bylaws that provide for an extension board to assist with program identification and planning.

Leadership Team
Extension's greatest resource is its people. And that resource starts at its core with an administrative staff with varied skills and strengths. The administrators who lead Nebraska Extension focus on their specific programs, while working collaboratively to provide the greatest service and support to the entire community of employees and those they serve.

The core strength of the group is the solid background they bring to Nebraska's leadership. The administrators represent a combined __ years of experience in service to the Extension community. This depth of background greatly benefits the organization, its employees and the constituents they serve.

Our administrators serve not as hands-off leaders, but work in close collaboration with people in Nebraska and the wider University. They are both educators and practitioners in their field and are passionate about the work they do and the impact they are having on the world.

Meet our team!