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About Us

LifeScape formed in April, 2014 when Children's Care Hospital & School and South Dakota Achieve joined together. We are an independent, non-profit organization, serving about 2500 adults and children throughout South Dakota. 

Our centers in Sioux Falls provide services to both children and adults.  Our services to children include the Specialty Hospital and the Specialty School as well as specialized therapy and residential options.  Our services to adults include residential options, day services, supported living and employment training.

Our center in Rapid City provides therapy and psychological services for children on an outpatient and outreach basis.

Our subsidiary, Rehabilitation Medical Supply (RMS), provides orthotic (bracing and splints) and  prosthetic (artificial limbs) services, as well as vending, customization, and repair of wheelchairs and other mobility equipment. Rehabilitation Medical Supply serves patients of all ages, and is housed at our outpatient centers in both Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

LifeScape FAQ

Can my child receive services if we live outside of Sioux Falls or Rapid City?
LifeScape provides therapy (as well as educational and psychological consulting) in school districts across the state. We are also a Birth to Three provider.
LifeScape also offers a loving, structured residential program for children and young adults through age 21. The goal is to return individuals to their own families and schools as quickly as possible. Most attend our specialty school, but some may attend a public school.

What should I do if I think my child may be experiencing some developmental delays?
LifeScape offers free screenings for children under 4 for:
General Development: Developmental screenings are provided by a licensed pediatric therapist, addressing the development of gross motor, fine motor, self-help, and speech/language skills.
Orthotics & Prosthetics: LifeScape’s subsidiary Rehabilitation Medical Supply provides initial consultations for all orthotic and prosthetic services.
Autism (provided for children 3 and under): The one-hour screenings include testing by up to three professionals. If further testing is recommended, a doctor's order is needed for a full autism evaluation at LifeScape, which is led by pediatric psychiatrist Dr. David Ermer. The evaluation team also includes a psychologist, occupational therapist, and speech-language pathologist.

Do you offer any parent trainings or kid's camps?
For family members, our therapy staff offers regular, one-hour free education sessions from our centers in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.
In the summer, our kid's day “camps” in Sioux Falls and Rapid City provide skill-building fun in areas such as speech and language, social skills, sensory processing, handwriting, and more.
A limited number of scholarships are available for these camps, and some are eligible for insurance coverage. Call to find out more and register: (605) 444-9700 in Sioux Falls and (605) 791-7400 in Rapid City. Or go to

LifeScape Children’s Services (Corporate)
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LifeScape provides a wide range of services for children and adults who have disabilities – from very mild to very complex.

Our Mission:

LifeScape is committed to promoting independence for children and adults with disabilities by providing specialized services, healthcare, community connections, and lifelong learning.

Our Staff:

We pride ourselves on hiring and training staff with the heart and expertise to provide the highest quality of care. Employees receive ongoing training to stay on the forefront of best practices in the field.

Our Services: